Dog Boy Knives are made from recycled high carbon steel, sometimes called black steel. Though different to stainless steel, it is prized by chefs for its exceptional strength and ability to stay sharp , however it will tarnish, or worse, rust if not cared for.  If you are the kind of person who throws the knife into the sink and washes it in the morning, then this may not be the knife for you. 

Hand wash in warm (not hot) water immediately after use and dry thoroughly, especially if you cut acidic foods such as citrus and tomatoes

A smear of vegetable oil on the blade will protect it, and keep the handle in top condition.   

Please Never Ever put in the dishwasher. It will ruin not only the blade but more so the timber handle.     

“Brasso” or similar metal polishes will help the blade retain its shine and help remove the small black spots which often appear.  Rust spots may also be removed with brasso and a scotchbrite scourer, fine steel wool or even fine grit sandpaper (600 grit or finer) 

Many like the dull grey patina (tarnish) that black steel gets as it gives the knife character, and the patina actually helps protect the knife from rusting. You can create a patina by coating the blade with lemon or lime juice for 10 minutes and then washing it off… drying the knife after washing is still important.